A double take on the string wars

October 23, 2009



Humor for physicists.


4 Responses to “A double take on the string wars”

  1. Kea Says:

    The first part is pretty cool … but I really don’t see why they have to go on about LQG.

  2. PhilG Says:

    Kea Hi, It’s about the rivalry between String Theorists and people who work on “alternatives”, the main one being LQG. Of course it is just humour and in reality there are some people like yourself who have a different viewpoint from that of the protagonists here.

    By the way the twins do not represent specific people. They are charactures who say a mixture of things that different people have said. Perhaps that leads to a confusing image.

    It is very quick and easy to make these animations with xtranormal. I am sure someone could do it better.

  3. Kea Says:

    Ah, it’s OK!! I watched the whole thing this time, and I think it’s great! The gap before the interview made me think that was it …

  4. PhilG Says:

    Thanks, I am pleased you liked it

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