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2 Responses to “Hyperdeterminacy Blog Index”

  1. David Glynn Says:

    Regarding “Hypermatrix Inverses”, which is very interesting. If A and X are hypercubes of format m^r, and we should solve AX = I which is of format m^2, where the r directions of A and X are identified, and r-1 contracted in the product, then this is a set of rm^2 linear equations in m^r variables X. So if there is a solution there will be a large space of solutions if r < m^(r-2). It should be possible to calculate the exact rank of the generic solution space of AX = I. First one should solve AX = 0, the null space. When r = 3 it should be interesting.

  2. superstrings Says:

    DG’s comment has been copied to the “Hypermatrix Inverses” post so replies can go there.

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